Bang, Bang

Face framing fringe.

Let’s face it–the quest for decent bangs in SL is on par with Homer’s Iliad.  I have literally dozens of fringey styles which I thought I would like (so what if I didn’t grab the demo first, judgeypants) which just never quite sat right on my heart-shaped face.  Oh Elikatira Tiramisu–how you’ve completed me.  This new style called Sound is my favorite new hair.  I think I look like Tiffany in it (that’s right, ginger historians–Tiffany of “I Think We’re Alone Now”/Mall Tour fame).  You should go get it too, if you’re tired of being in a bad epic poem.  ♥


…and I also love my new Tee*fy top. I got it in 6 colors. No joke.


Skin: Pink Fuel (mochi.millena) * Elly (Honey, Pure)

Eyes: Mayfly (arkesh.baral) * Liquid Light eyes, hazel shadow

Eyelashes: Redgrave (viola.leigh) * Eyelashes (2), Daily

Hair: [e] (elikatira.tiramisu) *  Sound, Red 09

Nails: Leverocci (jin.elfan) * Mesh nail cover, silver glitter

Ring: Earthstones (abraxxa.anatine) * Everlasting Love bridal set, platinum

Watch: Mandala (kikunosuke.eel) * SITENNOAH watch, white, complete/leather (hud included)

Necklace: [glow]studio (linka.demina) * Simple necklace, black @ TDR

Blouse: Tee*fy (azure.electricteeth) * Ana slouchy satin tank, peach @ Collabor88 for January

Pant: coldlogic * mazza trouser, black

Shoes: MStyle (mikee.mokeev) * Goshi pumps, tan

xoxo Ninny

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