50 Shades of Ginger…erm…Sexy. Week 1.

Victoria's Secret catalogue girl.

Victoria’s Secret catalogue girl.

I am generally a very modest girl.  I’m not exactly one to put my bidness in the street, so to speak, and what happens at chez Bing stays at chez Bing.  But any excuse to fill my drawers with pretty frilly things works for me (and the mister, I’m sure), so I am totally in for Unapologetic Second Life Fasion Blog‘s 50 Shades of Sexy blogger challenge.  That book was a piece of crap (and all subsequent poorly written sequels therein); this is BOUND to be so much better.  Week one is Cotton Candy.  Because everyone knows sex and candy are….right.   A song.

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Sugar and spice and everything nice.


Skin: Pink Fuel (mochi.millena) * Elly (Honey, Pure)

Eyes: Mayfly (arkesh.baral) * Liquid Light eyes, hazel shadow

Eyelashes: Redgrave (viola.leigh) * Eyelashes (2), Daily

Hair: TRUTH (truth.hawks) * Nyx, copper

Necklace: *Cae* (caelean.hancroft) * Love Letters necklace

Ring: Earthstones (abraxxa.anatine) * Everlasting Love bridal set, platinum

Bra and Panties:  *blowpop* (annyka.bekkers) * Yvette sheer lace demi-cup bra/boyshort, pink

Feet: Slink (siddean.munro) * Mesh feet

Bubblegum:  Pink Fuel (mochi.millena)

xoxo Ninny

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  1. mhmm Great song choice. sex and candy indeed.

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