50 Shades of Chocolate…Week 2


Better than chocolate?

Well, this week’s challenge proved challenging, as I firmly believe there is nothing better in the world than chocolate.  One could, I suppose make a case for bacon, or really good wine, or kisses that just seem to go on for days….the smell of a match after it’s been blown out.  Laughing so hard you pee (well the peeing isn’t really the fun part but whatever…) Sitting around saying nothing at all (and not needing to) with the person you love.  All of those things come very very close.

Another thing in life I adore are clothes, of course, and some things you can grow very attached to.  Tonight, I chose an old favorite teeshirt.  You know the one.  It’s thin and threadbare and the print is half falling off because it’s been washed and worn so many times.  It feels and smells like memories.  

This Crash Couture tee dates back to my first years in SL. Nobody did tees like Brooke did.  The perfect neckline, the ‘highbeam’ option, the incredibly fun things she put on them…I still find myself wearing them.  My ‘One Tough Cookie’ tee and a pair of tiny boyshorts from BOOM are really all I need (it is a chocolate chip cookie, after all!) Honestly; when you hang around at home, are you really hanging around in your Fredericks of Hollywood crotchless panties?  I didn’t think so.  


One Tough Cookie.


Skin: Izzie’s (izzie.button) * Geanna Frostbite Skin, red brow

Eyes: Mayfly (arkesh.baral) * Liquid Light eyes, hazel shadow

Lips: Pink Fuel (mochi.milena)* Juicy gloss lip tattoo, natural

Eyelashes: Redgrave (viola.leigh) * Eyelashes (2), Daily

Hair: TRUTH (truth.hawks) * Brianna, copper

Nails: Leverocci (jin.elfan) * Mesh nail cover, burgundy

Ring: Earthstones (abraxxa.anatine) * Everlasting Love bridal set, platinum

Teeshirt: Crash Couture (brookemaree.gossipgirl) * Tough Cookie tee (no longer available)

Boyshorts: BOOM (aranel.ah) * My Milkshake unders, cocoa

Feet: Slink (siddean.munro) * Mesh feet

xoxo Ninny

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